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Sheikh Jamel Ben Ameur
Sheikh Jamel Ben Ameur is the Imam and Khatib at the Islamic Cultural Community Center - Masjid Al Tawba in Eden Prairie, MN and Masjid Al Huda in Minneapolis, MN. He is also a lecturer at the Islamic University of MN and member of the Islamic Jurisprudence Council of MN.

As an Imam and religious leader, he has worked in community development for more than 10 years. In this role, he has developed programs for youth and adults, implementing an Islamic dynamic vision, combining spirit, mind, and action within the challenges of the world of today.

He pursued a traditional Islamic education, and studied Islamic law and Quran sciences for several years at the hand of scholars in his country. He is licensed in various fields of Islamic studies.

He holds the Ijaza of Quran in different Qiraat and an MS of Islamic studies. He is also a Phd candidate in Islamic studies at the Islamic University of MN.

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