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Sheikh Saeed Rageah
Sheikh Saeed Rageah was born in Somalia, raised in Saudi Arabia and in the late 80s found his way to North America. He is married and has four daughters and two sons. He enjoys spending quality time with his family.

He holds a B.A in Islamic studies as well as a Masters in Shari'ah from the Institute of Islamic and Arabic Sciences in Fairfax, Virginia. Over the years, he has held several posts including founder of Masjid Huda in Montreal, Masjid Aya in Maryland, Muslim Youth magazine and the Aqsa Association.

After serving as an imam in Maryland and Calgary, Saeed moved to Toronto with his family and when he is not discharging his various duties at the Masjid, he travels the globe extensively as a lecturer.

Sheikh Saeed recently moved to Toronto with his family and is currently serving as an Imam at Abu Huraira Islamic Center. He teaches and travels for Al-Maghrib Institute and he also holds the post of Chairman for the Journey of Faith conference.      
 His other associations include:

Founder of Oasis magazine
Founder 'IQ' (Quranic institute). Now it has branches in USA and Canada
MBA(Muslim Basketball Association)
Co-founder and the chairman of Journey of Faith Conference -annual conference in Eastern Canada
Co-Founder of Power of One conference -annual conference in Western Canada
Founder of Leadership camp for Muslim youth - Fourth year in Western Canada and second in Eastern Canada
The Director of Ummah Times magazine
Counselor at University of Calgary
Muslim Chaplain of University of Calgary and Southern Alberta institute of Technology (SAIT)
Founder of MSL of Calgary
Youth Hot line
Founder of Orphans Matter
Founder of Muslim Student Loan Foundation

Studied Under:

Sh. Abdul Aziz Alfowzan
Sh. Yusuf Ashubaily
Sh.Salah AsSawi
Sh.Fahad Alhamoud
Sh.Rashid Aladwani
Sh. AlKhudair
Sh.Fahad AlAmir
and others

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