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Sheikh Areeb Islam
From being allowed to choose his own religion from the age of 12 years, by his liberal and loving parents, Areeb Islam saw himself leave the faith of his parents, Catholicism, and move to the Protestant Church. At the age of 16, he began studying to be an Evangelist, Missionary and Youth Pastor. He was an Inter–Denominational Youth Pastor and Evangelist for 8 years and even assisted other Christians with research to come and debate the late Sheikh Ahmed Deedat. He accompanied other Christians to the Centre who had encounters with the Late Sheikh Ahmed Deedat.

Areeb Islam stated that while researching ways to counteract Ahmed Deedat he began contemplating the points and arguments Deedat was raising. Subsequently unable to get satisfactory answers from Christian clergymen his doubts about Christianity and the Bible led him to quit the Church.

After some years of contemplation he decided it was time for him to submit totally to the will of the Creator and embrace Islam. After a sojourn in Malawi doing Islamic charitable work he returned to South Africa, opened an alternative venue and was involved in politics in South Africa.

Due to his deep inner conviction of serving the one true God and wanting to share that with his fellow men, he has joined the IPCI's learning Academy and lectures to students on Church History and Comparative Religion. He is a Full time Muslim Chaplain to Hospitals, Military and Police. He does Dawah and delivers public talks and pre-Khutbah lectures at various Mosques. He also works for Alternate News Network as a Dawah leader in the community. Areeb Islam is a trustee of the Dawah Foundation and is Chairman of the Muslim Chaplain Services in South Africa. As a frequent guest on Channel Islam (CII) on Sunday, he is involved in a number of Refresh and Reconnect presentations aimed at New and Old Muslims.

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