Sheikh Yusuf Estes
Ex-Christian businessman and music minister, entered in 1991 trying to "convert" an Egyptian to Christianity. He has over
Dr. Yasir Qadhi
Author of several books about Islam, and popular speaker in US and the west. more..
Brother Mustaqiim Sahir
Mustaqiim Sahir is a youth advocate, author and entertainer more..
Sheikh Hatem Al-Haj
PhD in Comparative Fiqh from al-Jinan University, Tripoli, Lebanon more..
Sheikh Jamel Ben Ameur
Imam & Khatib at the Islamic Cultural Community Center, Masjid Al Tawba & Masjid Al Huda in MN
Sheikh Muhammad Adly
Sheikh Adly is presently the Imam of Masjid al-Muslimeen in SC. more..
Dr. Mamdouh Mohamed
A professional instructional technologist and author of several educational books. more..
Sheikh Mutahhir Sabree
Muslim Chaplain, former Catholic. more..

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